Health Care IT Services

The healthcare industry is always changing, yet healthcare providers are still required to maintain operational performance and ensure compliance make sure patient information is safe and secure at all times.

Argo Consulting Group understands this, and is here to help you optimize and maintain your existing IT infrastructure, implement new technology solutions, ensure better utilization of your existing applications, and help you establish a secure IT environment, giving you peace of mind knowing your patient information is secure and expertly managed at all times.

Our extensive experience working with those in the healthcare industry, coupled with our technical expertise in all things IT, mean we know you and your needs and have a full understanding of how technology can better the work you do.

Your patient information needs to be efficiently managed and kept secure always. Contact Argo Consulting Group at (877) 847-4362 or to learn about our technology services and solutions and how they can benefit healthcare providers.

Argo Consulting Group is here to help those in health care services, and we help by:

  • Managing and monitoring your servers, network devices, and desktops.
  • Optimizing your current IT infrastructure, as well as setup new solutions when needed.
  • Protecting patient information from unauthorized access, misuse, or theft.
  • Offering encryption for your devices to ensure no patient information is compromised, even in the event of a theft or attack.
  • Ensuring safeguards are in place for all health information that is collected, maintained, used, or transmitted.
  • Helping to minimize downtime by keeping your mission-critical applications running optimally and by implementing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.
  • Assessing your existing IT environment and ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • Providing phone-in Helpdesk support for your employees.
  • Hosting services for your email and phone.
  • Providing encryption and backup for all of your business and patient data.

Health care providers have specific needs when it comes to technology. To work with an IT company that knows how to meet these needs contact Argo Consulting Group at (877) 847-4362 or send us an email at

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